About with POCKETS!

It is the year 2019 and the vast majority of my clothes do not have pockets. Of those that do, most of the pockets are either fake, or lack the depth to hold anything useful. I want clothes equality: to be able to store useful small items about my person without stealing my husband’s jeans to do so.

So here we go: all the women’s clothes that I can find with usable pockets. All of our clothes with pockets are vetted using product photography and descriptions to ensure that the pockets are deep enough to be useful. Enjoy the pocket revolution!

Jem Turner

History of Women’s Pockets

In the 1800s, there were campaigns led by the Rational Dress Society, fighting for women’s clothing to be more functional. A 1910 ‘Suffragette suit’ with no less than six pockets became all the rage. As the World Wars were sparked, women turned to more practical clothing, with trousers and large pockets becoming the norm. Women were finally blessed with the pockets they had been campaigning for years before.

[…] However, the patriarchy struck again, and voilà post-war women were expected to exude femininity and get rid of the clumpy man-styles they had been wearing while the men were away.

from The Bewildering and Sexist History of Women’s Pockets, Chanju Mwanza

About the Site

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