Privacy Policy

The with POCKETS! site collects information from its users via the comment form on individual blog post entries, and through the contact form that we don’t actually have yet but totally will add later. This information includes, but is not limited to: name and e-mail address. This information is collected to provide you with a service, e.g. so that I can respond to your query, or to identify your comments. All information collection is entirely voluntary.

I will not sell or trade your details for marketing or any other purposes. I will not give away your details without your consent except where required or authorised by law.


A cookie is a small alphanumeric text file sent from a website that is stored on your computer. Cookies allow information to be saved between visits, e.g. to keep you logged in to a website or remember your order details in a shopping cart.

The with POCKETS! site may set a cookie to remember your name and e-mail address if you choose to leave a comment on a blog post. This is voluntary, and you must click to confirm that you wish to be remembered.

The with POCKETS! site uses Google Analytics to monitor traffic to the website. Google Analytics sets a cookie to identify repeat users to the website. Using Google Analytics allows me to view user trends, ensure the website works properly on all browsers and operating systems, and means I can prioritise information that visitors want to see e.g. based on how you find the with POCKETS! website in the search engines. The with POCKETS! Google Analytics data is set to expire after a period of 14 months from your last visit. Data sent to Google Analytics is anonymised so as not to identify individuals at any time.

Read more about how Google Analytics uses your data


The website contains links to other sites. I am not responsible for the content or policies of third party websites.

Some products are linked using ‘affiliate links’. This means that the click is tracked, and if you purchase a product I make a few pence off the sale. This will help pay for the website hosting costs.

If you have any questions about my privacy policy, wish to know more about the information I have collected from you, or the practices of this website, please contact me:

Last updated: 3rd May 2019