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Activewear with pockets!

There is no occasion where pockets are more useful than on a run or at the gym. Carrying a bag or trying to find unique places to keep your phone or purse is no fun when you want focus on feeling the burn or that next PB. Even if you’re just out for a relaxing jog, it’s much better to have a safe and secure place to store your valuables. Our growing range of activewear ensures there’s always somewhere secure to keep your stuff as you train. From comfortable leggings with built-in pockets to run-ready tops and jackets with well-designed storage spaces. Drawing from a wide range of retailers from M&Co to, you will find activewear for women in every style and size, for all events and types of exercise. Classic black and understated designs are available, as well as those which incorporate popular neon tones and brighter shades. Comfortable and relaxing yoga wear (also suitable for a home lounging session) is available as well as performance-ready sports bras, tops and leggings.

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