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Swimwear with pockets!

Until you’re enjoying the beach or relaxing on holiday, it’s hard to imagine why you’d want pockets in your swimwear, but once you’re there – it’s obvious. No one wants to lug heavy bags and extra cargo down to the poolside in the hot sun, so a well-positioned pocket can be the perfect addition to any swimwear piece or beachwear outfit. The latest beach-ready styles can also be the most practical and well-designed for convenience as you enjoy your break. From classic all-in-one costumers to two-pieces, including bikini tops with built-in storage and pocket spaces, our range shows just how inventive and innovative designers can be. Understanding that pockets really can make an outfit, even for the beach, is great for women looking for the comfort, style and practicality in their choices. Our swimwear range drawers from the collections of over 30 different retailers, ensuring there is a range of choice for anyone looking for their next costume.

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