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Trousers with pockets!

Not everyone wants to wear jeans every day, but the practical benefits they offer can mean many women simply overlook trousers altogether. There’s really no need as we’ve sourced a growing range of stylish trousers for any occasion, all with the added bonus of the pockets we need and love. From cargos to capris and smart, tailored designs to classic chinos, trousers allow you to create a stylish look for evening or night. The versatility ensures you can style them up for the workplace, a night out or for enjoying downtime with family. Our range ensures you can find both figure-hugging and casual, flared designs, all featuring pockets with real purpose in mind, offering the depth and size required for practical use rather than simply a design feature. With over 30 different retailers’ products in our range, you can explore pieces from leading designers and retailers such as ASOS and LindyBop.

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